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PetroStudies Consultants Inc. (PSC) and T.T. & Associates Inc (TT&A) are affiliated companies.

TT&A develops reservoir simulation software products for sale or lease.

PSC provides support of these software and consulting services applying these products to reservoir simulation studies.

We have been in business since 1992.  Our principals and associates, individually, have over 35 years of domestic and international corporate business experience, obtained in the service of several major corporations and well-respected engineering firms.


         Reservoir Depletion Optimization Studies using our Software products

SOFTWARE PRODUCTS (Click on Sidebar Items for more details)


        EXODUS - Black Oil/ Limited Compositional Reservoir Simulator - WaterFlood, Gas Drive, Polymer, Alkaline-surfactant-polymer, Coal Bed Methane, Shale Gas.   Multiple Horizontal Wells with Multiple Vertical Fractures added as a function of time.


        EXOTHERM - Thermal Compositional Reservoir Simulator - SAGD, Cyclic Steam Stimulation, Steam Drive, Combustion recovery processes.  Fully coupled Discretized Wellbores Segmented to Surface with multiple tubings for steam circulation, steam injection, gas lift transient modelling.


        TWBS - Thermal Wellbore Simulator - Complete multi-segment model of a Single Well and all its pipes. Steam Circulation and Steam Injection Well, Production Well with pumps and gas lift. Computes Steady State Profiles of Pressure, Temperature and Fluid Rates including steam quality. Optimize Concentric, Parallel Tubing configurations, FCD locations.


Visit our Youtube Channel to see a growing list of tutorial movies showing how to use the software. Useful for students or experienced reservoir engineers. Click on the link below.




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PSC is legally registered to practice Engineering in the province of Alberta (see www.apega.ca).

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