Reservoir Simulator for Microsoft Windows™

Now With REVELATIONS ( Assisted History Matching)


First Released in 1992

Current Version: 10


3 Dimensional 3 Phase Compositional (K value) simulator


Fully Implicit Formulation for maximum numerical stability


Fast Iterative Multi-core solver


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Text Box: v	Black Oil PVT ( Bo, Rs, Bg, µ)
v	Retrograde Condensate PVT ( Bo, Rv, Bg, µ)
v	Coal Bed Methane PVT
v	Polymer Component
v	Alkaline Surfactant Polymer Components
v	Component K value, Density, Viscosity Input

Some of the features ………….


*Cartesian Geometry

*Corner Point Geometry

*Radial Coordinates

*Dual Porosity/Dual Permeability Grids for Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

*Faulted Reservoirs

*Pinch Outs

*Non-neighbor cells joined by special connections

*Local Grid Refinement

*Optional NinePoint Transmissibilities

*Time Dependent Grid Cell Permeabilities, Porosity

*Multiple PVT tables

*Multiple Relative Permeability tables


*Carter-Tracy Analytical Aquifer

*Vertical, inclined and horizontal Wells

*Bhp, Whdp, Oil, Water, Gas, Liquid, Reservoir Volume Rate Constraints

*Gathering Centers /Constraints for Well Grouping

*VFP Tables or BeggsBrill multiphase Correlations for BottomHole to WellHead

*Surface Gas Gathering Network - Implicitly coupled to reservoir model. Looped lines, compressors, multiple offtake points.



Exodus is elegant and extremely easy to use.  The graphics are superb and execute flawlessly”


 - Dr. S.M. Farouq Ali

User Friendly…………….

* Clearly designed, intuitive graphical interface, with spreadsheet data entry, list boxes, drop down menus

* Import data from other programs

* Pre Processor –

o  Import contour maps, build grid over maps and infill cell values

o  Import well surveys and find well locations

o  Template to Create Multiple Hydraulic Fractures for Long Horizontal Wells

o  Automatically build dual domains for Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

* Post Processors

o  Tabular reports for wells, regions of reservoir

o  Quick Well Charts Generation

o  Multi-Window 2D, 3D views and animations of grid cell parameters


Simulator Applications ………….


*Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs.

*Full Field, Pattern, individual well performance.

*Black Oil, Gas condensate, Shale Gas.

*Coal Bed Methane Reservoirs. (Abstract SPE 75672)

*Multiple Vertical Hydraulic Fractures at  specified times for horizontal wells

*Waterflood, Gas reinjection.

*Polymer flood, Alkaline Surfactant Polymer Flood.

*Coupled Surface Gas Gathering Network

*Economic comparison of cases


EXODUS Reservoir Simulator consists of the following suite of programs



v Digitize Maps - contour maps may be traced and converted to digital form

v Historical Data Input - enter production and pressure history data

v PreProcessor – Create/Modify/Save a complete data set for the simulator

v Execute Exodus – Starts Simulation Runs for specified data sets

v Monitor Run Status – Shows progress of selected runs

v WellCharts Extract – create multiple 2D/3D charts of well(s)’s simulated and historical data

v Well Report Utility – spreadsheet reports of well(s)’s simulated results

v 2D/3D Grid Display Utility – multiple 2D (xy,xz,yz planes) and 3D maps of grid cell parameters with time.

v Network Report Utility - reports of rates and pressures at Surface Nodes and Segments at selected times

v Pre-Tax Economics - compare the present values of different cases given price and cost data.



REVELATIONS - Assisted History Matching

* Helps the user find the “best” match of historical wells’ production, and pressure.

* Varies grid cell values of selected grid parameters for selected regions of the reservoir in search of the “best” match.

* Grid parameters can be net pay, depth, porosity, directional permeabilities, initial pressure and saturations, fluid contact depths.

* Initial values, minimum and maximum values for grid parameters can be set and the “best” match searched for within these bounds.

* Revelations Master will launch a regression cycle of many try cases in the domain specified by the grid parameters value boundaries. 

* On a shared network folder, the many try cases can be simultaneously run by Revelations Run Network installed on several computers on the network. With enough Revelations Network licenses, all the try cases can be run in the time it takes to run one case.

* Revelations Master will monitor and get the “best” try case.  From this case, additional try cases will be launched and the regression cycles continued until no improvement is obtained.

* Revelations can also run a large number of try cases with user specified values, or probe a range of regression parameters with random values to find possible local best cases.

* Historical observed values to match are entered on a well basis and consist of rates, cumulatives, and pressures. Weighting Factors can be applied to values.

* Revelations Report shows the error in matching each historical value. Tables and graphs of historical and calculated values, incremental and cumulative match errors are provided.

* The well match errors may also be shown as bubble maps on time varying grid maps such as pressure and saturations.

* Work flow demonstrated in tutorial movies.


Revelations Master


Revelations Run Network


Execution Module.  When installed on multiple computers on the network, will run simultaneously on each computer several try cases submitted to a common shared folder.

This must be purchased for each computer.


Revelations Report



Revelations Movies

Click on each title to start Youtube video

1.   Entering Historical Data in PreProcessor for matching

2.   Defining grid cell regions in Preprocessor for regression

3.   Preprocessor - Defining rings of cells around wells for regression

4.   Preprocessor – Select regions of cells to be used for regression, assign regression parameters for these regions

5.   Revelations Master – search for a match starting from initial values of regression parameters

6.   Revelations Master – probing search region for better matches

7.   Revelations Master – user specified try points to find better matches

8.   Revelations Report – Tables and graphs of calculated vs historical values

9.   Revelations – Grid Display Utility shows well bubbles of match errors


3D visualization (click on picture to view animation)



·       Interrogate cell values,  make cells invisible/visible

·       Use filters for visibility criteria

·       Rotate, Zoom,  Clip layers, rows, columns.

·       Start, stop and resume animation of grid values.

·       Show internal isosurfaces, surface contours of grid values.

·       Show well production rates and cumulatives as proportionately sized colored barrels



3D Well Charts



Template to build Multiple Vertical Fractures for long Horizontal Well


·      Automatically creates Local Grid Refinements along Fracture path

·      Very small central LGR planes to represent fractures

·      Calculates each fracture’s dimension using fracture tonnage

·      Enhanced Fracture permeability at specified times.

·      Perpendicular or Deviated Vertical Fractures

·      Template automatically removes, modifies, or rebuilds fracs




·       Exodus is competitively priced based on the number of active grid cells. Purchase only the version that will fit your reservoir problems, and upgrade for the difference in price when necessary.

·       Network versions available with 3+ licenses

·       Single node locked license lease at low prices.



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